I just turned 36 years old! What advice would you like to give me ?

  1. Working in retail has become a love and hate relationship. I’m in search of a job, that will allow my creativity to flourish. I’m thinking of pursuing real estate.
  2. In terms, of comparison with my mother;  my mom had  her second child—my stylist sister—reread her  article on fashion “Fearless Fashion”. It is so easy for me to stay in the stall of comparison.

    Read Fearless Fashion post again.

    Read Fearless Fashion post again.

  3. Just maybe—this is the time to learn more about me. My goal is not be narcissistic –it is about growing.
  4. This is the time to discover what life should be without a spouse.  Continue to seek the Lord during this journey.  According to Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye, first the kingdom of God!!
  5. In the end, I’ve learned that God will continue to provide great friends along the journey of my life. What advice would you like to give me?

    God is on this journey with me!!

    God is on this journey with me!!


In memory of my favorite uncle

December 4, 1927-March 19, 2012


The lasting journey of Alphonso Nichols

On a winter’s day he came into our world of

The twelfth child of Lisha and Peter Nichols.

His mark on the world was evident

The strength of his character.

Journey of his life took him many places.

He fought in the Korean War his with brothers of many colors.

Loved fiercely in his journey

His journey fostered many.

People lovingly called him papa.

On his journey he became a husband, a friend, and a confidant.

His journey ended before the official day of spring.

His journey will continue in the lives he has left behind.