Angels of Death

It was an ordinary day

Plotting to kill on our minds

We threw a dice to see

Who would be next to die

For us it was not a mystery

Tools in hand-duct tape-and knife

We were angels of death

Our hearts raced

With murder in our hearts

Stealthily we approached

The screech of our tape

Across the alabaster skin

The bonds of the rope

Sliced our victim’s skin

Death to our victim

Ah the victory

Death has won


LJN © 2011


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You hold the past

Will I ever go to Conde’ Nast

My body shows every year gone by

Mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all

Nor am I tall or lovely


I ‘m no tease

My hair does as it pleases

Mirror, Mirror

 I look nothing like Rita Ora or J. Lo

My body is the shape of a deflated ball

I find it harder to keep up till noon.

My energy is gone –

Mirror Mirror on the wall—

Where’s my inner Marilyn Monroe

Blonde and able to have many eyes roam

Doctors only speak doom

Mirror Mirror on the wall—who should I be?

Be myself!? Are you kidding me?

Me: I will break your glass.

Mirror: Well, you just brought on twenty pounds

My wonderland

I had to tell him good bye

He was like a stye

He stayed with me

He crushed my spirit

My teacher did not hear it

Had I lost the spirit?

I could no longer bear it.

Destroyed my peace on Southwest Boulevard.

How could you go out with someone named Gerard

How dare he write me off?

My tears rolled onto his cuff

My pain struck me down

My face in a frown

My pain faster than a train

I needed him to be mine

Ignored the ravine

I had fallen in

The hole in Alice in Wonderland

Would I ever be able to get back up

He had crept into in rabbit hole

The hole of my heart

Girl from Darfur

The silk smoothed against her skin.

how many fingers can she count then.

Baubles, beads, and bows array her neck-

For who knew she was so chic.

Her beauty was known from afar- dark and

lovely from Darfur.

She stands poised with a smile-

-behind her were the trials

crimson lips shaped like origami-

–bright as apple-red Fuji

Ah, lovely as bones- She spoke-

-let me have one more last look

Pirouettes and bows-one last twirl

–Oh-what a world

The Nature of Love

The beauty of her has crept into my heart.

I refuse to part from her.

She is my star

Her love sparkles like a million stars at night.

Her love for me is so bright.

When she smiles, her love reminds me of the distant sea.

Like the sea, her love goes far and wide.

Her love for me comes over me like a tide from an ocean

Her love pushes me like the waves of the sea.

Her love and beauty washes over me.

I know we shall never part.

 This poem was an attempt to write from the male perspective.


Her brain mixture of fog   blizzard

She desires sleep   like chocolate

Chocolate   chocolate

One more mile to go


Miles to go going gone

Her mind numb

Brain –work do not slow down

Fog like mist  lull lull her to sleep


Morpheus greets her like rising sun

Hypnos his twin angry waiting for

Her at the gates     hell


Hell   dreams are hell

Must stay awake –before the bell


Away! Away! Never bother her again

Morpheus taunts her with sleep

She mere mortal   desires to resist


Away! Away! She cries don’t take me.

Her eyes darken   as Phoebus

She wonders   stay awake


Sleep   Oh no     dark cave

Sleep is like hell

Hibernate oh well


Cottony dreams emerge

Time slips by she tries

C o n c e n t r ate



Confusion she is and near

Morpheus woos and beckons her

She falls   into his ebony bed


F alling falling and gone

Morpheus has won.

Tell Me Again

Tell Me Again

Our cage of love sits upon a white shelf.

Purple with a sky light diminished by the sun.

How rogue is our love like Bonnie and Clyde.

One minute we are on top of the world.

Who knew love could be so strict.

Tell me again, on how much you love me?

Our love so strict it creases.

The frame of our mind comes together.

Your melodic voice whispers, “My little pigeon.”

Tell me again, on how much you love me?

Our love will soar above the heavens and the earth.

Our love is strong.

Tough as rope bonded by three cords is our love.

Our love will eviscerate our souls.

More than you will ever know; till we implode.

Tell me again, on how much you love me?

©2012 Leah Jeannine Nichols

Mint Tea Memories

Moon glows black pearl sky

Aroma of sweet mint tea

Rolls of steam waft in the air

Comfort of its warmth reaches my toes

Maroon soul boys lost and boys won

Stories of love are in the sweetness of the tea

Cup of tea awards victories

The black sea of mint

Swirls of green and white

Instead of sword

Spoon in hand would calm all fears

Wars wane when the leaders sip mint tea

Tea consoles sparring siblings

The blue soul of the dark

Solved by sweetness of mint tea

Upon my tongue

Wash away the bad memories

Leave sweet memories of life