Chemicals and Makeup Oh-My!!!

Chemicals and make-up oh my!!!

Are you the woman? who quit wearing makeup because you are worried about the toxins and chemicals in them?

Well, I’m that girl!! I’m close to forty. I seriously need makeup. Enough about me.

Maybe, you scouted out cosmetics that were healthy-but you hated the results. All you thought was this is for the birds. You scream, Where is Mary Kay and MAC when I need it!!

I think I have found the perfect solution for your makeup dilemma. Drumroll please….. Please try out Youngevity Mineral Makeup!!

Our makeup has five ingredients.It won’t  cause cancer in your body.  If you are interested leave a comment on my page and SHARE with others!!

Our five ingredients in Youngevity Mineral Makeup are Iron oxide, Kaolin Clay, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Ultramarines.  If you want more information message me!!!

Part 2 will be coming soon!!!


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