Must read on a Friday! Personal development is very important. What books help you with you with your personal development?


Leah vs Karen Kingsbury!

The extraordinaire Karen Kingsbury knows how to write. She  has gotten her formula down from her series she started with Gary Smalley about the Baxter family. Okay, back to my actual point on the Angel series. I read the first book and it was fine. I’m reading the second book, whoo ho! After reading her book, I realized she has honed her craft of her writing. So, my next step is to spend time writing.

Just Write!

I have had so many stops and starts with my writing this year. I’ve gotten myself into making a career without writing. That has made it hard-especially my life in the retail world.  I did discover I would like to write a screenplay. Then I was slapped with a case of fear. Could I really do it? So, if a higher power believes I can do it! Then I need to write!