My Reflections on “Wired for Story” by Lisa Cron

This is a must read for aspiring and novice writers, The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very Sentence “Wired for Story”  by Lisa Cron

I believe my stories are usually character driven instead of hook driven.  My action usually happens in chapter 5.  This would frustrate a literary agents and readers. I find myself getting stuck explaining how the weather was in Peters, Alabama or whatever town I create.   Anyway, Lisa Cron explains the brain science of readers becoming hooked to your book, by the first sentence.  What makes any reader stay hooked to your movie or your book ….is you guessed it is dopamine.  This explains why people are addicted to pornography or the latest hook Fifty Shades of Grey.  It could be related to dopamine (or maybe the pleasure neuron).  This book has opened my mind in learning how to keep my readers engaged.

Hey, writers what do you do to hook your readers with the first line of your novel? Would love to have your suggestions.

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