Coffee and jesus, Part Two

Karuhba:   Explain how the Old Testament tells me about his ministry on the earth?  Mean was he really that special?

Mandy:  That is told in Deuteronomy 18: 15

Karhuba:  That is so interesting.  Okay, you have almost answered the questions of I have, but how was he God and man?

Mandy: You are talking about the incarnation of Christ, In Psalms 40:6-8   explains how he was fully God and fully man.

Karhuba: Okay, what’s up with Jesus having this thirst problem on the cross? I have been to your Easter plays. It seems that the Messiah should have been able to sustain his thirst.

Mandy:  I can understand your perspective, but let’s look in Psalms 22: 15

( Well, it looks like I need to add more to this!!)


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