The  light are dim lights the Narthex Coffee house, with the soft voice of Ella Fitzgerald singing in the background.  Mandy Kine is waiting to meet a new acquaintance, who does not believe in the  Old Testament  foretelling coming of Jesus Christ.  Mandy waits in the corner booth of the coffee house for Karhuba Linden to come in,  

(The bells on the door signal, that someone has come in. Mandy looks up to see Karhuba coming in.)

Mandy: (nervously clears her throat) I’m glad that you are here. I know we wanted to continue the conversation and not while we are at work. I don’t believe they would allow us to have this discussion, when we should be working on recruiting new employees.

Karhuba: I appreciate you taking your time out of your busy schedule to see me. I have had so many questions about this Messiah. Being raised as a Jew, I have begun to question Christianity. It seems Christianity has such a claim on this Jesus Christ, and many of my people are still waiting for this Messiah. How could the Old Testament actually predict his coming?

Mandy: I ‘m glad you asked.

Karhuba:  Was it really a virgin conception of Christ. Wasn’t he fully human, I mean I heard from my so called Christian friends said he came from the House of David?

Mandy:  Well, let’s start with the virgin conception of Christ.   In Isaiah 7: 14                             explains where he came from.   That is interesting that you would ask about him coming from the King David.    There are several verses in the Old Testament that specifically address his descent. Especially in your Jewish National Hymn the Psalms 89

Karhuba:  That is amazing that he actually came from King David. I mean the Psalms actually could foretell that.  Okay, you have me almost convinced.  But how is this Jesus Christ is actually divine?

Mandy: I am glad you asked that. Once again let’s go back to the Psalms. In Psalms 2:7 it says

Karhuba: Wow, the Psalms that I have been actually listening to as child foretold his sonship as you have pointed out.   Explain why did all of those children have to die before this Messiah had arrived?

Mandy:  Okay, I see your point.  Now this King Herod was foretolled of killing at least twenty-two children.  In Jeremiah 31: 15

Now, this sound familiar to what happen before in Exodus.

Karhuba: Oh, you mean Moses, don’t you?  I guess I can see the similarities. That is so amazing. You have me almost convinced.  So, is it really true that Jesus was born in Bethlehem?

Mandy:   There are several verses that predict the birth of Christ in Jerusalem Micah 5:2

Karhuba:  In all my life, you have been most convincing of me that the Old Testament tells of the coming of the Messiah.  You did that without shoving the New Testament down my throat.

Mandy: Well, the New Testament is helpful, but the Old Testament is best  in showing how the prophecies were fulfilled.

Karhuba: Christians during Christmas always say that this Mary and Joseph had to leave Egypt, but was it really told how they would leave? One of my friends, who is a Christian couldn’t even find it. I hope you can find it? My parents can quote verses from the Holy Scriptures, but they would always telling me this Mary and Joseph hadn’t met yet.

Mandy: There are verses that confirm their flight to Egypt in Hosea 11: 1

Karhuba:  Was there any who would predict that the Messiah was coming? Was it really necessary from him to have that?

Mandy: Yes, that was John the Baptist, and he was foretold in several places in Malachi 3:1 and also in Isaiah 40:3-5.

  How do you feel about the relationship between other religions?  Do you feel this dialogue is respectful to this Jewish young woman?  Your comments are welcome.  Part Two come is coming soon!!!



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