Classy Massey (Feature Friday)

My co-worker Sydnie Massey has a jewelry business.  She will make any designs at your request, her pricing is between $10-30.  Also, she is looking for a place to sell her pieces locally and at craft fairs. You can contact her at

Beautiful!! Go to her page at Massey.

Beautiful!! Go to her page at Massey.


Angels of Death

It was an ordinary day

Plotting to kill on our minds

We threw a dice to see

Who would be next to die

For us it was not a mystery

Tools in hand-duct tape-and knife

We were angels of death

Our hearts raced

With murder in our hearts

Stealthily we approached

The screech of our tape

Across the alabaster skin

The bonds of the rope

Sliced our victim’s skin

Death to our victim

Ah the victory

Death has won


LJN © 2011

Terrific Tuesday: Featuring Fearless Fashion

Sorry, I have been gone so long!! The world of Walmart took over. I will have more posts coming soon. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. Today, I would like to feature my sister Eli Nichols. I hope you will enjoy it.

What made you come up with the name Fearless Fashion?
 I was brainstorming for a name and slogan for a while. I discarded
“Trophy Fashion, for the thrill of the hunt,” and “Lace and Leopard,”
because I wanted it to sound like what it is–a resource for normal
people who aren’t diehard, fashion-obsessed and just want to look a
little cooler.
 “High Fashion” out of context will make you look like you escaped
from jail, or you’ve been living in a cardboard box. A sparkly
cardboard box, but still.
 I want Fearless Fashion to be for people like my friends, or the
ladies at your church who just need not to be scared of style. I’m the
friend you need in the dressing room who’s like, “Yeah, you can pull
that off, do it. But you need a higher heel!” My tagline is “Don’t be
afraid to look good,” because people pull back from what they want to
try out of fear. Wear the dress you can’t stop looking at or thinking
about. You like it for a reason, do it.

What is your experience with fashion—would you consider yourself a
stylist? I have the same experience everyone who loves fashion has, of
choosing my own signature style, collecting hundreds (I am SO
ashamed) of magazines and catalogs and favorite blogs, of looking with
my style-eyes on at new things on the market and deciding how they’ll
work in my closet.  I’ve been an unofficial stylist for friends and
family since I could talk. I think people don’t need as much guidance
as they think they do–they’re scared to decide on their own because
they’ve been taught fashion is this big, above-their-head form of
rocket science. Naw. Fashion is what looks good on you and makes you
feel good. I can help people accept what makes them feel/look good and
try what they secretly like.

 What are the fashion trends for the fall/spring/ summer/ winter/?
 The best thing about millennial fashion is that seasons and trends
don’t really matter. Silhouettes change more, for example, in high
school my leather pants were boot cut and now they’re more like
leggings or skinny pants. As long as you stay warm in winter and cool
in summer, don’t worry about rules. Fashion people have been wearing
white after Labor Day and leather dresses in summer for about 10
years. I’m going to say it again–just wear what you want and don’t be
scared. Personally, I always start thinking more about jewel tones and
tweed in fall and winter, then brighter colors and chiffon or silk in
spring and summer.I’m crazy about jewel tone faux fur right now.
 What are your favorite places to shop in the Oklahoma City area?
I do 95 percent of my shopping online. Amazon has a huge selection of
stuff and you can get crazy-specific with search terms. I am in love
with in Britain for retro-ish pieces. All my pencil
skirts are from there, and the tops are great. I like Target and
Forever 21 for impulse buys, Ann Taylor and Nordstrom Rack for good
quality, gorgeous designer-y things for big events.  Target has the
best shoes ever. They’re comfortable and more fashion-forward than
you’d expect to find at the $30 range, but they don’t look cheap.
Thrift stores have good things too! Try thrifting in Edmond for more
designer pieces. I found pieces at my neighborhood Goodwill that look
sharp and stylish, and I know nobody else will have them.

What would you consider the fashion dos and don’ts  women commit? And men also?
Y’all. I don’t know who told men skinny jeans were cute on them, but they lied.
I love men in suits or suit pieces, like a blazer or vest with
(trouser, please lord) jeans.
My pet peeve with women is when they wear pants that eat their feet. I
know you paid a lot for your shoes, why can’t I see them? Also,
jumpsuits. Jumpsuits need to die in a fire. Ooh, and formal overalls.
And suits with shorts. I’m 80 on the inside and Nana does not approve.
Most everything else that can look bad can also look good, if you do
it with bravery and attention to your figure.
If someone needed your expertise in the world of fashion, how would
they find you? Email me at or post on my
Fearless Fashion facebook page. I post outfit pictures and styling
tips there. I also post when I find cool blogs or online stores to

Anything else you would like to tell my readers?
 Fashion is not something to be afraid of! If you’ve got a big event
or life change like a new job coming up, get in touch and talk about
it on my facebook page. I’ll help you find what outfit or pieces will
make you feel fearless. The first step to finding your style is just
to get a few fashion magazines and rip out the pages with outfits or
pieces you like, then look through the pages all at once to see what
elements you keep picking. Then go look in your closet and think about
how to make the Vogue picture happen from what you already have.  And
ask for help when you need it, at the mall (what do you think they get
paid for, anyway?) or from a stylish friend. You got this.