Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You hold the past

Will I ever go to Conde’ Nast

My body shows every year gone by

Mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all

Nor am I tall or lovely


I ‘m no tease

My hair does as it pleases

Mirror, Mirror

 I look nothing like Rita Ora or J. Lo

My body is the shape of a deflated ball

I find it harder to keep up till noon.

My energy is gone –

Mirror Mirror on the wall—

Where’s my inner Marilyn Monroe

Blonde and able to have many eyes roam

Doctors only speak doom

Mirror Mirror on the wall—who should I be?

Be myself!? Are you kidding me?

Me: I will break your glass.

Mirror: Well, you just brought on twenty pounds


Dark have been my dreams of late….

King Théoden says this after being under the control of Saurman.”Dark have been my dreams of late […] What has killed your dreams? Sometimes the doldrums occur because seasons change. When was the last time you held a paint brush? What picture do you dream of painting? It is hard to get back into the mindset of painting. We all struggle with what to do our dreams. Maybe you want to start a blog. What’s keeping you from doing it? Possibly distractions –real world stuff—or is it reality television of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They have already figured their niche. What is your dream? Pursue it with all your might.