History in the making with NPR

I had an opportunity to interview my mother, while the NPR Story Corps was in Tulsa during October 23-November 15th. Our stories will be kept on a CD in the Library of Congress. History in the makingJ

My mother (Mawit) was the first African-American Homecoming queen for Northwestern Oklahoma State University. We talked about my great-great grandfather Reverend Jackson Henry Hodge ( he was A.M.E minister) She shared a story of her uncles Ennis and Ellis Hodge taking apart a Model T Ford and then putting it back together. Wow, her uncles were smart. She shared about her Christian faith. What I learned is that every family has a story tell. Sometimes, it is easy think heavily on the negative side of family history. It was hard to believe we could only talk for 45 minutes. Overall, the experience was like having our own radio show.

3 thoughts on “History in the making with NPR

  1. Thank you for doing a such great job of interviewing me. I apologize for babbling on, and using the whole time talking about me. You sounded “radio perfect” and asked great questions. 45 minutes goes very quickly.


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