Are you a singleist?

Definition of a singleist is that once you get married you kind of separate yourself from your single friends.

Now, I understand the desire to be with your mate—or your soul mate. Whatever the newfangled term may be for you to describe your special someone. It is important not to alienate your single friends. Don’t see your single friend as the one who has no life. Sure, they may be available on weekends and weeknights. This doesn’t mean they are at your beck and call.   “Hey, you have no life can you watch my pet Boppie for five days. “ Your single friend may say to yes and just to please you. In their head they are thinking, “You are such a doosenburger.”

Okay, now you have become singleist when you decide not to host a girl’s night once you have been dating Prince Kirk (only if you are girl) for guys Princess Leia—whatever her name is. Your single friends have been there for you through the ups and downs. Now, I understand you may have to become a singleist if your friend has become Deviant Debbie or Pathetic Patrick. Dump them immediately. Open the door and let them out. When they try to come back—just say you are busy.

  1. 1. To prevent from being a singleist plan days or even mornings to be with that single friend. You can do this once a month. Especially, if you don’t have kids, right now. For guys, do the same—go hunting or something. It is about keeping a connection.

Then for the women, you invite Loyal Lisa back in the fold, when Prince Kirk goes on trip. It is truly difficult to for Lisa, to tell you everything. In her head she is thinking, “Why did she wait this long to talk to me.” It is now hard for Loyal Lisa to reconnect with you.

  1. To prevent from being a singleist, tell them how thankful that they are in your life. Don’t wait to be thankful, when you need them to be in your wedding or other events.

When every night, becomes couple night-then you allow distance to grow between you and your friend. Then all of sudden —you invite your single friend back into your life, once they start dating Handsome Prince Harry or Almost Princess Cressida.

  1. Curb the Physical Display of Affection in front of us. We don’t need to know how sexually compatible you are. Find a bedroom—or something. Really, we got it. You are so in love each other. Betcha wouldn’t you act like that in front of the pastor. Maybe you would.
  2. Treat us the same whether or we have a significant other or not. Don’t forget that you were once single. Stay connected with us. Check on us; find ways to hang out with us. Don’t put us in the unfixable box—or a category.
  3. Love us and don’t abandon us. Once you abandon us and don’t take the time to include us in your life. We will probably give up on you. If you say “You are important to me,” then find a way to keep us important. We want be there to celebrate your happy moments. The point is to be friendly to your single friend in all seasons. Don’t become a singleist.

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