Her brain mixture of fog   blizzard

She desires sleep   like chocolate

Chocolate   chocolate

One more mile to go


Miles to go going gone

Her mind numb

Brain –work do not slow down

Fog like mist  lull lull her to sleep


Morpheus greets her like rising sun

Hypnos his twin angry waiting for

Her at the gates     hell


Hell   dreams are hell

Must stay awake –before the bell


Away! Away! Never bother her again

Morpheus taunts her with sleep

She mere mortal   desires to resist


Away! Away! She cries don’t take me.

Her eyes darken   as Phoebus

She wonders   stay awake


Sleep   Oh no     dark cave

Sleep is like hell

Hibernate oh well


Cottony dreams emerge

Time slips by she tries

C o n c e n t r ate



Confusion she is and near

Morpheus woos and beckons her

She falls   into his ebony bed


F alling falling and gone

Morpheus has won.

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