Mint Tea Memories

Moon glows black pearl sky

Aroma of sweet mint tea

Rolls of steam waft in the air

Comfort of its warmth reaches my toes

Maroon soul boys lost and boys won

Stories of love are in the sweetness of the tea

Cup of tea awards victories

The black sea of mint

Swirls of green and white

Instead of sword

Spoon in hand would calm all fears

Wars wane when the leaders sip mint tea

Tea consoles sparring siblings

The blue soul of the dark

Solved by sweetness of mint tea

Upon my tongue

Wash away the bad memories

Leave sweet memories of life

2 thoughts on “Mint Tea Memories

  1. This is truly beautiful! If it could be tweaked just a tiny bit you might even be able to submit it to the FCW Chapbook. The theme for it is “gratitude” so maybe if you added one line somewhere toward the end about being grateful for mint tea for all these reasons or something, it would fit that criteria. Anyway, really a GREAT poem! Love, Laura


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