The Price of Freedom

rosa parks by okreitz

rosa parks by okreitz

The Price of Freedom

My great –great grandmother Nan Wiley actually had Freedom Riders stay at her home in Laconia, Tennessee, during the turbulent 1960s. This is really important as I explore the price of freedom for blacks during the Civil rights era.  The first freedom rider was Rosa Parks.  She inspired many—she basically helped with the bus boycott. My quest right now is to adequately address the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.  Thus, began my quest to write a historical novel that revisits this tragic event.

I recently finished the first draft of my manuscript of At all Cost.  As, I revise the manuscript; I think of the men and women, who fought for the rights of future generations. My generation has flourished from the freedom of people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. The question to ask ourselves,” Is what have we done with the freedom, we have had so long? ”Will we become apathetic with our freedom? What can we do to change it? Are we willing to be a freedom rider? What are we passionate about? What injustices would we like to fix?

Become a freedom rider for the next generation!!!!

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